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Reviews From Our Happy Community

We LOVE this collar!


What a fantastic idea. This collar works great. It is great at night when I let my dog out. Sometimes he goes off hunting for critters we live on a farm and this helps me know where he is.

The other thing I like about it is that when we're out for a walk or bike ride, he can be seen very easily by drivers it really is safe! Thank you so much.

Max and Sadie

These collars are literally perfect


I received 2 collars as a gift last Christmas and I didn’t really use them lol - that was until we got a Vizsla! He loves to run around our property so we started nightly runs outside with him. These collars are awesome! Super bright and visible from a long ways away. I never wonder where my dogs are. I loved them so much I bought them for my Grand-dogs, a Vizsla puppy and a lab. We have 4 different colors so we know who is who outside when all the dogs are together - its a hoot! Ive only charged them once in the last couple weeks they really hold a charge and I love that its a usb and don't have to worry about batteries. I regularly brag about these collars and how they’re the best! This company is great! I can’t thank them enough for making such an amazing product. Get this collar and enjoy some dark walks, it’s the best cure for feeling cooped up!

Jane S.

I love the way it lights up!


"This is Winston and he is a true gangster, lol. I love his harness. He is the talk of the town for sure. I bought him the Green Harness and it fits him wonderfully and I still can't believe how cool he looks at night. I am going to get a matching this week. Can't Wait!"

Andrew C.

Your Human Will Love The Collar


"Woof! My name is Bowser and I love these. I have gone through a ton of these type of collars, and this is by far the best. It is true to size, bright, durable, and sturdy. So many don't hold their charge or get ruined if when I get wet. This one keeps working all the time and its really bright! My owner loves them and tells all his friends. Thanks!"

Bowser (Owner Nick)
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